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We are proud to serve the Portland, Oregon area with heating and cooling repair, service and installation. We believe that our quality workmanship, customer service, and comprehensive HVAC solutions make our business stand out. We are here when you need us with 24 hour emergency heating and cooling repair services.

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Besides being your home service provider we try to provide you with useful tools and information to help you around your home. Check out the useful articles below.

5 Things First-Time Homeowners Need to Know about Heating & Cooling Their New Home

You’ve taken the big leap and purchased your first home in the Portland area—Congratulations! With the new purchase comes a whole new world of adulthood that includes unpacking the multitude of boxes and scheduling regular maintenance appointments with your local heating and cooling company.

Tips for Saving Energy & Money Around Your Home

You home's energy bill is a big chunk of your annual budget. What if you could stop being an energy hog, and save money in the process?

Choosing the Best Heating System for Your Home

Sometimes it’s good to have options, or it can a little overwhelming. Especially when it comes to choosing the right heating system for your Portland home.

The Importance of Sealing Air Leaks in Your Home

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your house going into the new year, one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects you can do is sealing air leaks.

Programmable Thermostats = Money in Your Wallet?

When it comes to money, every little bit saved helps, right? So when you see that Heat Relief offers programmable thermostats with the enticing claim of saving you energy and money, of course you’d be interested in learning more about them.

What Does a Heating Unit Maintenance Check Entail?

Before you know it, Winter will be here. And we know Winter in Portland can be wet and chilly, so is your heating system up to the challenge? If your heat pump or furnace has had its yearly routine maintenance, it is. But, if not, and you haven’t called Heat Relief yet, now is the time to do so.