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Cooling System Tune-Up

Your home’s air conditioning system works hard for you and your family. The last thing you want this summer is to feel the cool air from your vents turn warm as the efficiency of your cooling system dies away.

The trouble is that over time dust and dirt from the air in your home can accumulate in your system and cause a variety of problems, robbing your air conditioner of performance and necessitating costly repairs.

In fact, after going back over our records, we found that over 53% of all AC repair calls could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

That’s why Heat Relief developed our 19 point Precision Tune-Up and Safety Inspection, a run-down of essential maintenance tasks that can reduce the likelihood of repairs on your system and regain lost efficiency, thereby saving you money.

Heat Relief offers this tune-up for just $189. Plus, you also get our 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back guarantee! The tune-up, safety inspection, and professional cleaning of your system should take about an hour to complete.

You and your family can relax this summer knowing that your air conditioner is guaranteed to keep you cool. If there is a breakdown after your safety inspection and tune-up, we’ll refund the entire amount or credit it to any necessary repair.

Here’s a list of the operations performed during our cooling tune-up:

  1. Check Thermostat
  2. Inspect Filters
  3. Check Electrical Connections
  4. Check Blower Wheel
  5. Note Outdoor Temperature
  6. Check Refrigerant
  7. Check Suction Line
  8. Check Indoor Blower Bearings
  9. Check Contactor
  10. Check Outdoor Coil
  11. Check Indoor Coil if accessible  
  12. Check/Run Defrost Cycle on H/P
  13. Check Reversing Valve On H/P
  14. Check Condenser Air Entering Temperature
  15. Check Return Air Temperature
  16. Check Supply Air Temperature
  17. Check Suction Line Temperature
  18. Check Evaporator Saturation Temperature
  19. Check Condenser Saturation Temperature
  20. Check Liquid Line Temperature
  21. Run/Rate Capacitor(s)
  22. Check Compressor AMPS

Summer is going to be a scorcher, so contact Heat Relief today!

Customer Review

Heat Relief Heating & Cooling is very customer-oriented. We had a unit installed by them a few summers ago when our air conditioner went out during the middle of the season. They took care of everything we needed, and it’s why we’ve kept using them.


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