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10 ways to beat the heat (and those energy bills)

beat heat and bills

It’s no secret – energy costs are expensive, and everyone is looking for ways to save on those monthly utility bills. Running your air conditioner in the August heat is essential, but it can be a big chunk of your monthly energy costs.

But luckily, there are ways to beat the heat this summer without breaking the bank.

Turn up the thermostat

It may seem warm, but setting your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher will reduce cooling costs. If you’re leaving for more than an hour, set the thermostat to 80 or higher. Turn it back down when you get home; the cool-down period will use less energy than consistently running it at a lower temperature. With this alone, you can save up to 20 percent on your cooling bill!

Install a programmable thermostat

If you don’t already have one, a programmable thermostat is a significant investment. Set it higher while you are at work, then have it set to cool down just before you get home. You can preset temperatures for different times of the day according to your schedule, which can conserve energy.

Utilize fans

In frequently used rooms, ceiling fans are a great way to keep it comfortable. Fans only cost a few cents per hour to run, and they can make a room feel 4-6 degrees cooler. Whole-house fans are a good investment as well, with little up-front cost. Ceiling fans can help you save up to 15 percent on your cooling costs, and a whole-house fan can decrease those costs by up to 50 percent!

Cover the Windows

Sunlight can quickly heat your home when it shines through the windows. Please pay special attention to west-facing windows, as they can let in more sun in the afternoon and evening. Add curtains or blinds to rooms with direct sun, and ensure they are closed during the day.

Use Appliances at Night

Ovens, dryers, and dishwashers generate heat, which can quickly heat your home. Please don’t run the dishwasher or dryer during the day; run it at night when it’s cooler outside. And if possible, cook when it is cooler outside, or cook outdoor on your grill.

Seal Air Leaks

Check your windows, doors, attic, crawlspace, and basement for air leaks. Seal them with weather stripping or caulk. Air leaks can run up your heating and cooling bills if not sealed correctly.

Switch to CFL and LED lights

Incandescent light bulbs are not energy efficient and can emit a lot of heat. Switching to CFL or LED lighting can help keep your home cool and help save money on your utility bills.

Change your air filter

A dirty air filter can make it harder for your air conditioner to cool your home – the unit will run more often and unable to keep up. Check your filters once a month and change them when necessary.

Make sure the condenser coil is clear

Check your outside air conditioner’s condenser to ensure it is clear of debris. Leaves, grass, and other debris can plug up the coil, which blocks airflow and makes it harder for your AC to cool your home.

Get an AC Tune-Up

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Only a professional can do some HVAC maintenance items, including lubricating moving parts of the interior of your condenser unit, tightening electrical connections, and checking refrigerant levels. These are all essential parts of your HVAC maintenance to ensure your AC keeps you cool. Schedule an AC tune-up to ensure your cooling system is in top shape.

Don’t let the heat catch you off guard – beat the heat without going broke this summer. Schedule your next service call online, or give us a call (503) 877-1713

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