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3 simple ways to keep your HVAC system in top shape

3 ways to keep your HVAC in top shape

Of all of the tools and appliances in your home, your HVAC system is one of the most important, which is why it’s critical you keep it in top shape. Every season can bring new maintenance tasks for Portland homeowners but keeping your HVAC system running smoothly is easy with help from professionals at Heat Relief Heating & Cooling.

Check out three ways to keep your HVAC system in top shape.

Replace your filters regularly

Unchanged air filters are one of the top reasons HVAC systems fail. Your home’s air filters not only keep your family healthy, but they keep your system healthy too. Air filters trap pollen, dust, and other pollutants. When the filter becomes dirty, the system has to work harder to push air through. This will burn more energy and lead to higher bills and a worn-out system. Here’s how to choose the right air filter.

Clean air ducts and vents

Indoor air pollution continues to be a concern for many families. By cleaning air ducts and vents often, you can improve your overall air quality. Those with pets, allergies, and asthma can also benefit from having their air ducts, and vents cleaned. Failure to do so could shorten the life of your system.

Install a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats come with many benefits, but one of the major ones involves saving energy and money. With a smart thermostat, your HVAC system can run less by being programmed to kick on or turn off during specific times of day – like when you’re not home. Less run time means extending the life of your system.

Bonus: Call a professional the moment you notice a problem

When you spot a problem with your HVAC system, it’s best to call experts like Heat Relief to take care of the issue before it escalates. The longer you put off calling professionals, the problem could worsen.

Although we pointed out just three ways to keep your HVAC system in top shape, you can learn more by giving the experts at Heat Relief a call at (503) 877-1713. Our team will be waiting to help.

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