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5 HVAC Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Signs of HVAC issues

Don’t ignore your HVAC system — it might be trying to tell you something important! From water accumulation to strange sounds and smells, don’t put off getting in touch with a Heat Relief professional. Here are 5 HVAC warning signs that warrant a call to the professionals.


If you’ve noticed strange odors from your HVAC system, it could mean something serious is happening. Take your time and pay attention to any warning signs – get help promptly to avoid future trouble! Scorched smells may be a sign of wiring problems, whereas acrid scents may indicate that there’s an issue with the insulation. To prevent potential damage, it’s best to contact a Heat Relief specialist immediately.


If your house is haunted and you hear whistles, banging, rattling, and other strange noises, call a Heat Relief expert before calling Ghost Busters. It’s more than likely your HVAC system. Loud banging might point to loose parts in the ducts, while a squeaking sound from the furnace potentially means that its motor bearings need attention. On the other hand, rattling noises may be caused by debris inside the air handler.

Rising Energy Bills

If your power bills are climbing without reason, this could be due to a blocked condensate line or even an undetected leak in the insulation. There are several other potential causes, too – such as worn-out equipment, lack of ventilation, and blockage, making the system work harder than needed. But all in all, don’t try to find the answer yourself. Schedule a maintenance check-up and save yourself from further trouble down the line!

System Age

The age of your HVAC system is a telltale sign. If your HVAC system is ten years or older, the writing on the wall! Consider replacing it with a modern model that is up to 60% more efficient. So don’t let your wallet suffer any longer, and make sure your unit isn’t letting you down.

Excess Water

If you’re standing in a pool of problems regarding your HVAC system, call Heat Relief because excess water is never a good sign. If you’ve got too much condensation from your air conditioner, some underlying issues must be addressed. A clogged condensate line or frozen condenser coils could be to blame, but the only way to know is to call a Heat Relief professional! We’ll quickly identify the problem and offer a solution, saving money in the long run by preventing major issues down the road.

Get Heating & Air Conditioning Help in Portland

You can save time and money by watching for the signs of more significant problems and taking appropriate action. If you need more clarification on any issues or expert insight into your current HVAC situation, look no further than Heat Relief and call us at (503) 877-1713 to schedule your service today!

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