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5 Smart Ways to Prepare Your Portland Home for Spring and Summer

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The grass is green, the days are getting longer, and it’s time for a little spring cleaning! There’s nothing like the sound of the birds chirping to let you know it’s time to freshen up the house and recover from those winter blues that hit the Portland, Oregon area.

Here’s just the start of your spring cleaning list:

Call Heat ReliefEarly spring is the perfect time to schedule routine maintenance on your home comfort systems. When you call Heat Relief Heating & Cooling for an air conditioning tune-up, we’ll take the time to learn about your home, your AC system, and your lifestyle prior to doing the work. We’ll ask questions such as, “Is there anyone in your family suffering from allergies in your home?” “How have your utility bills been lately? Has there been anything concerning you?” and “Have there been any unusual noises coming from your system?”

A routine HVAC maintenance appointment will help keep your system working more efficiently and longer all while saving you money. Your Heat Relief HVAC service technician will also replace your air filter so your family can breathe easier.

Dusting – it’s time to do a deep cleaning of the house—dusting from corner to corner, top to bottom. You know your ceiling fan that ran all winter? This is the time to turn it off and thoroughly clean the blades before you change the direction for better airflow during the winter months. Window casings and corners are sometimes missed in daily cleaning so don’t forget those areas. Work from top of a room down, and remember to vacuum the floor once complete. And, no matter what the television ads say, avoid using dusting sprays, as this can leave a residue.

Clean the Floors – Winter can bring in a lot of grime and dirt into your home, so call a local carpet and hard floors cleaner to give you a head start on your cleaning. While you can rent a carpet shampooer and do it yourself, some items such as oriental rugs need special attention and a professional hand. A professional cleaner can also tackle your upholstered furnishings for a deep clean to remove any ground in dirt, food and other unmentionables.

Wax the Wood – Wood gets thirsty, and your wooden furniture or frames need some nourishment after the dry winter air. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth that’s damp with water and a mild dishwashing liquid soap, and then apply a paste wax with a cotton rag. Allow the wax to dry and then buff with a third soft cloth.

Windows – Time to wash the inside and the outside of your windows. And don’t forget to take down the window screens and give them a thorough wash. Use warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid and a little elbow grease—scrub the screens with a brush and then rinse thoroughly. Allow them to air dry before replacing them. It’s also a great time to wash any window treatments you have. Check the care labels for drapes and fabric shades before proceeding. Metal and vinyl blinds can be wiped down with warm water mixed with a mild dishwashing liquid, while wooden blinds just need a damp (water only) cloth.

Smoke Detectors It only takes a minute, but changing out the batteries in your smoke detector every spring and fall is the single most important thing you can do. The best time to do this is when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends so make a note on your calendar for spring and fall.

Get HVAC Help in Portland, Oregon

As always, spring is a time for new beginnings. If you feel it’s time for a new heating and cooling comfort system in your Portland home, call Heat Relief and talk with a comfort specialist today about replacing your current system with a new Bryant heating and cooling system.

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