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A Heart for Our Community

Community involvement, volunteering

We are proud of the high-quality work Heat Relief performs inheating and cooling Portland homes. One thing you may not know, however, is that we not only have high standards for our customer service and repair, but also for taking care of our community. 

Mark DeFrancisco

Founder and president of Heat Relief, Mark DeFrancisco has beenhelping the local community for six years as a chaplain, lending his free time to helping those suffering through emotional trauma and powerful life events. He has been by the side of those suffering the death of a loved one through suicide, gun violence, and disease.

Mark is incredibly involved in the local Crossroads CommunityChurch through this work. He is involved in the global community as well, through many mission trips both in our country and overseas. When asked why he does it, he humbly says that he was helped through certain difficult times in life and just wants to give back and help others in the same way that he was so kindly supported.

Giving Back

Heat Relief donates money to the local non-for-profit Responders Resources. This is an incredibly important organization that trains chaplains to act in their local communities. A chaplain has the difficult job of supporting people who have just been through a life-changing traumatic event. Responders Resources also supports local First Responders such as police, dispatch, EMS/fire and corrections officers. 

During February, there is much talk about hearts, love andValentine’s Day.  Spreading love and kindness extends year-round. It is a true testament to the integrity of Heat Relief and its owner, Mark DeFrancisco, that they show up for their local community every day, ready to serve with love and humility.

We applaud you, Mark, for your service throughout the Portlandcommunity!

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