Avoiding a Heating or Cooling Scam to Save Your Money

Avoiding a Heating or Cooling Scam

Scam Alert

At Heat Relief we never like to hear stories about homeowners being taking advantage of by other heating and cooling companies by a scam. We’ve heard it all. That’s why we feel that it’s important to warn all homeowners of the common scams and tactics used by some heating and cooling companies and those posing as them.

Scams to watch for:

  • Equipment replacement- Being told equipment needs to be replace when it’s a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. Do your own research before agreeing to have any work done. Do a quick Google search for “signs of a bad compressor etc.” and see what comes up.
  • Pushing oversized AC units- An oversized air conditioner will cost you more money upfront, in the long run, and leave your home feeling uncomfortable. Avoid this scam by asking for numbers and the formula they use to calculate the load and size of the AC unit.
  • Not replacing parts- Charging for parts that aren’t actually replaced. The easiest solution to this is to have the heating and cooling contractor hand you the old parts they replaced once the process is complete.
  • False claims- Scammer threatening that your equipment will die shortly so you must replace it. Get a second opinion from a different heating and cooling contractor.
  • Fake offers- Don’t fall for the too good to be true offer.
  • High pressure sales- Don’t be pressured into a sale. Take the time you need to think the decision through.
  • Verbal only offers- Always get offers in writing.
  • Non-certified or untrained companies/employees- Check reputable sites for online reviews, ratings, and history.
  • Requests for large amounts of money upfront- This is never a good sign. Don’t agree to it.
  • Scammers impersonating HVAC technicians- When in doubt, call the company they say they work for and speak to the manager. Online research should follow.

For the most part heating and cooling companies in the Portland area are reputable and you will never run across any of these scams. However, it is always wise to be prepared in the case that you do. If you’re looking for peace of mind, look into a regular maintenance agreement with a reputable heating and cooling company. Heat Relief has zero tolerance for dishonesty. With more than 19 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry we are dedicated to providing total home comfort for Portland area residents. We want to provide homeowners with peace of mind. We encourage our customers to check out our references and affiliations. 

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