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Comfy, Cozy Thanksgiving – Portland, Oregon Style

Thanksgiving family dinner

Thanksgiving is all about family, gratitude and preparing a delicious meal … sitting around the table and being thankful forthe bounty that nature has offered for the harvest. Right? We all wish our Thanksgiving season could feel this simple, but let’s be real: holidays are tough. There are schedules to coordinate, guests to accommodate, meals to execute without the use of a fire extinguisher, and a multitude of things to plan. When it comes to having guests, whether overnight or just in for the day, we can take some of the stress off by being well-prepared.

Preparing for the influx of Thanksgiving holiday guests requires a lot of forethought. It helps to remember that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. If you understand your guests and what they enjoy (it’s a great time to show off some of Portland’s scenery or partake in holiday hoopla!) or their preferences for privacy and accommodations, you can create a great atmosphere in which to enjoy the warmth of the holidays. The Heat Relief Heating & Cooling team is sharing ten easy ways to help keep your Thanksgiving guests comfortable this holiday season!

10 Ways to Keep Your Thanksgiving Guests Comfortable

  • Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature! Remember, the more bodies in the house, the warmer it may be
  • Have a nice assortment of food and drinks
  • Have places for privacy (especially for elderly guests or parents that may need to put a baby down for a nap)
  • Understand food sensitivities (Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, the list is endless nowadays, but making sure that each of your guests has at least a handful of foods they can enjoy goes a long way in making them feel welcome.)
  • Have a kids table and/or activities for your littlest guests (this is especially welcome from the parents in the crowd who would love to catch up with family over a cocktail while their angel is coloring in a new coloring book or playing a board game
  • Make sure there is plenty of seating
  • Share your plans ahead of time and coordinate, sothat things run smoothly on the day of Thanksgiving
  • Have reading lights or nightlights for overnight guests (no one wants to trip over the cat in the middle of the night on their way to the bathroom)
  • Open up closet or drawer space for overnightguests, so that they can feel more comfortable and at home
  • Be forgiving of mistakes 

Can we put a star by that last one? No matter how much planning we do, something will inevitably happen that is out of our control. Being grateful to be with family and friends celebrating the season can go a long way in helping those bumps in the road feel a little less jarring. Don’t expect perfection but plan ahead and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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