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Is Your Dehumidifier Putting Your Family in Danger?

Dehumidifier in a Portland, Oregon home

Dehumidifiers can work with alongside your HVAC system tolower humidity levels and keep your home comfortable during Oregon summers.However, no system is perfect. If you’re utilizing a dehumidifier this summer,make sure you understand a few of the potential risks associated with thedevices. 

Fire Risk

Just like any other appliance in your home, dehumidifiersneed regular maintenance. If you don’t properly maintain them, the small firerisk grows larger. Change your filters, remove debris from the grill, and wipedown the coils and fan blades. Any time a foreign object falls into the machineor sits close to its heating components, it may catch fire. Once your device isclean of any buildup, make sure the dehumidifier is placed correctly in yourhome. Don’t set it in a corner, against curtains, or near furniture. Any ofthese placements block the grills and increase your risk for a fire.

If you’ve purchased your unit prior to 2016, be aware thatyour device may be under recall for a manufacturing error. Check the list ofrecalled dehumidifiers here

Health Risk

While dehumidifiers are a favorite among allergy sufferersfor their ability to stop the growth of mold and fungi, they can actuallybecome the source of your allergiesif not properly maintained.

The fix? Empty your dehumidifier on a regular basis. Standing water is a breeding ground for mold and fungi, so a clean dehumidifier equals a happy home. Don’t let the quality of your indoor air ruin your summer. When it comes to healthy air, dehumidifiers aren’t your only option. Make the reliable choice. Call Heat Relief today (503) 877-1713 to discuss all the ways we can improve your Portland area home’s indoor air quality with our Bryant® Air clean air technology.

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