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How Does Dust Affect Your Air Conditioner?

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Dust settles, but you don’t have to. Are you having troublewith your air conditioning system after turning it on for Spring? Dust may beto blame.

Find out how dust affects your air conditioner and how youcan get it back in shape below.

Dust in Your Ducts

            Theproblem: Dusty ducts mean all the allergens usually kept out by your unit arenow flooding the air. It can also blog the flow of air, so your system isworking harder to provide less comfort.       

            The fix: You may be tempted to clean your ducts yourself, but this is something best left to the experts. Call Heat Relief at (503) 877-1713 and talk to one of our experts about your options.

Dust on Your Filter

            The problem: A dusty filter preventsair from going over the indoor coil in your system. This, in turn, means yourair conditioner won’t work properly, allergens will pass into your home, andyou won’t be comfortable. A clogged filter can eventually cause your system tomalfunction and stop working altogether.

            The fix:Clean your filter regularly (we recommend once a month).

Dust on the Coil

            The problem: Dust on the outside coil affects the coils ability to remove heat. You may notice begin to form, which prevents the coils ability to remove heat. Before long, your home will be too warm for comfort.

            The fix: Schedule an A/C tune-up

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