What Does a Heating Unit Maintenance Check Entail?

What Does a Heating Unit Maintenance Check Entail?

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Before you know it, Winter will be here. And we know Winter in Portland can be wet and chilly, so is your heating system up to the challenge? If your heat pump or furnace has had its yearly routine maintenance, it is. But, if not, and you haven’t called Heat Relief yet, now is the time to do so.

You do routine maintenance on your car, so why wouldn’t you do so on your HVAC system? Throughout the year, dust and dirt accumulates inside of your heating system, causing it to slow down and not work as efficiently as it can. This increases your energy usage, thus, increasing your costs. That’s not good.

Heat Relief provides a whole-system maintenance check that’s money well invested. If your system breaks down after your tune-up, we’ll refund the entire cost to you, or credit it towards any necessary repair.

Benefits of a heating system tune-up and safety inspection:

  • Ensure proper airflow
  • Reduce repairs
  • Find small problems before they turn into major repairs, which are more expensive
  • Maintains the manufacturer’s warranty

When you call Heat Relief, a knowledgeable and courteous technician will perform our 18-point precision tune-up and safety check on your heating unit.

Our 18-point precision tune-up includes:

  • Check thermostat operation
  • Test the switch/heating fan relay operation
  • Cycle furnace off and record “fan off” temperature
  • Check air filter (replace if needed), blower motor and wheel
  • Check auxiliary limit switch operation
  • Clean furnace cabinet
  • And so much more

At Heat Relief, we care about you and your family’s health and safety, so the technician will ask you the following questions at the start of each maintenance appointment:

  • Are you satisfied with the operation and appearance of your current thermostat(s)? Do you have any cold or hot spots in your home?
  • Were your utility bills reasonable last season?
  • Does anyone in your family have allergies?
  • Does anyone in the family suffer from migraines or frequent congestion?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Is your home dry during the winter?
  • Any unusual noises or things that have changed since the last service?
  • When did you last change your carbon monoxide detectors?

Participating in our agreement will help you and your family be a little more comfortable and breathe a little easier all year long. Talk with a technician about enrolling today.

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