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HVAC: The Reliable New Year’s Resolution

A notebook with New Year's Resolutions written on the top. #1 Quit Making New Year's Resolutions.

January brings high hopes for the next 365 days of our lives. We’re going to go to the gym more. We’re going to eat healthier. We’re going to do that thing that we’ve been saying we’re going to do for the last few years and we keep making it our New Year’s resolution but then it’s the end of the year and it’s still unresolved. But this year will be different: new year, new us, right?

Heat Relief wants to give you a resolution that we know you can keep: take care of your HVAC system. We’ll even tell you how.

  1. For Your Air Conditioner…
    Check and level thermostat. Check your air filter and air flow. Check blower motor and condenser for proper amperage draw, voltage, and wiring connections. When you’ve finished with a that, then lubricate all of your motors and confirm the proper charge. Inspect your indoor coil, condenser coil, and drain. You’ll want to clean your drain as well. Test your safety devices for proper operation and inspect your disconnect box for any loose connections. Once you’ve completed that, inspect your contactors, electrical compartments, and capacitors. Don’t forget to check your fan blade and all time delays. Check your service valves. After that, check your temperature difference for supply and return. Finally, thoroughly inspect your ductwork.
  1. For Your Heating System…
    Begin by checking your thermostat operation, and then move on to examine your pilot ignition sequence (adjust if necessary). Observe your main burner operation. If you have a natural draft furnace, go in and check your flue draft. Follow up by testing your fan switch and checking your primary limit operation. Once that’s completed, cycle your furnace off and record the fan off temperature.
    After you’ve completed that, visually inspect your heat exchanger. Check the blower motor, wheel, and air filter. Definitely take a look at your furnace temperature rise. You absolutely do not want to forget to do a check your gas line from manual safety shutoff to main burners.
    Ready for the next step? Good. Test your flue spill switch operation, then your auxiliary switch operation, and finally your draft safeguard switch operation. Then all you have to do is clean your furnace cabinet and check your drain pan.
  1. Or Just Call Heat Relief

If your eyes sort of glazed over step one, it’s okay. You can still succeed with this New Year’s resolution. Heat Relief will complete all of the tasks for you in our 19-point cooling system tune-up.

Does number two also lack a certain appeal? Heat Relief is happy to perform your 18-point
heating system tune-up.

Stay on track with your New Year’s resolution with Heat Relief. Our Performance Guarantee ensures that the equipment we service at your home is properly maintained and operated. Plus, our No Lemon Guarantee means that all of the equipment we install is free of manufacturer’s defects. If it fails in the first five years, we will replace it with a brand-new model.

Heat Relief wants your home to be comfortable year-round. Now isn’t that a resolution we can all stick to?

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