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Is a Mini-Split the Best Option for Your Space?

ductless mini-split system

Does your Portland area home have unused spaces that you are paying to keep cool even when not in use? Do you have a new home addition or workspace that needs better temperature control? Heat Relief Heating & Cooling wants to help you maximize your air conditioning for your home this summer with the option of a ductless mini-split system.

How it Works

A ductless mini-split system includes a unit that is mounted on the wall in rooms where you wish to better manage temperature, and it is controlled via wireless remote. Even rooms that are the most difficult to heat or cool can benefit from a split system since each area has its unit.

A split system works better and more efficiently than a traditional window unit and is ideal for new spaces or older homes without existing ductwork. Installation is quick and minimally invasive, so you’ll be enjoying a more comfortable home in no time!

Amazing Energy Savings

Even if your home has existing ductwork, a multi-unit split system may be the best choice if your family desires better energy efficiency. Our systems are Energy Star rated with a SEER of up to 26 so that you can save energy and protect our environment.

You’ll also see the benefit of a split system by saving money with lower energy bills. We invite you to calculate the cost of these systems along with their monthly heating and cooling expenses using our online cost analysis tool to determine the best value for your home.

High Quality HVAC Systems

Heat Relief is proud to offer the highest quality split systems on the market. Our Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric systems are highly efficient, and each offer their unique features.

  • The Daikin system provides homeowners with their world-renowned “Variable Speed” compressor technology to minimize temperature fluctuations and maximize energy savings.
  • The Mitsubishi Electric system offers your home an advanced multi-stage filtration to reduce odors and allergies, plus an operating sound level of just 19dB.

Talk to an HVAC pro in Portland

Heat Relief wants to work with you to customize a home comfort system tailored to your family’s needs. Our HVAC experts would be happy to discuss whether a ductless mini-split system is the right choice for your home. If you live in the Portland area, contact us today to schedule a consultation at (503) 877-1713 or use our online form.

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