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Keep Your Heating Equipment Ready for Any Portland Weather Conditions

Shoveling Snow

With the extreme and unpredictable weather that we have already seen this winter, everyone should ensure that their heating equipment is up to the challenge.

Winter officially started just over two weeks ago, and doesn’t end for more than two months. It’s predicted that this winter will be colder and snowier than normal. Therefore, it’s imperative that homeowners are prepared for any and all weather conditions.

The best thing you can do to get ready is to have your furnace cleaned and inspected.

When a professional Portland heating contractor opens up your furnace, he can see any potential problems, wear-and-tear on parts that are near the end of their life, and even give an estimate on the remaining life in your HVAC system.

During his visit, the heating technician will remove the dirt build-up in the furnace, which is the number-one reason for furnace failure. Regular cleaning also increases the furnace’s efficiency and lifespan.

To help keep your heating system clean, ensure that you change your air filter at least every three months.  During months of heavy system use, if you have pets, or if anyone in your home has breathing difficulties such as asthma or allergies, you should ideally change your filter every month.

As important as preventing furnace breakdown is checking for possible carbon monoxide leaks. 

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, and toxic gas. When inhaled, it replaces the oxygen in your body and accumulates rapidly in blood. Because it is impossible to see, taste, or smell the toxic fumes, CO can kill you before you are aware it is in your home. Carbon monoxide kills 500 Americans every year, and January is the month when most of those deaths occur.

When your furnace is functioning correctly and proper ventilation is present, there is nothing to worry about.  The gas is harmlessly sent outside the home. To ensure proper conditions exist, have every combustion appliance checked annually.  This includes furnaces, gas stoves and dryers, and gas fireplaces.

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