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Moving Checklist


Let’s be honest – nobody enjoys moving. It takes a lot of planning, packing and heavy lifting. However, there are ways to make your move easier and more efficient. First, start cleaning out your house of items that you don’t need – saving you time from packing unnecessary things.

  1. Avoid Spills
    Don’t pack paint, oil, flammables (lighter fluid) and aerosol cans. You run the risk of a leak or spill on other belongings – some of which could be smelly or dangerous. Some movers prohibit these types of liquids in their truck. If you’re hiring movers, ask them what liquids are not allowed.
  2. Forget Food
    Don’t take perishable foods – like fruits, veggies and opened food items. Not only can these items rot during your move, they can also attract unwanted pests to your home. You don’t have to throw food away! Donate it to a local shelter or soup kitchen.
  3. Closet Purge
    If you haven’t worn something in a year, toss it! Packing old clothes wastes time and space. Also consider the climate where you are moving. Don’t pack a winter coat if you’re moving to Florida!
  4. Books and Knick-Knacks
    These items are known as “dust collectors.” Don’t pack books you don’t plan on reading twice. Unless your knick knacks have sentimental value, try avoiding bringing them to your new place.

Don’t get stressed out by moving! This list is meant to ease your anxiety. If you need HVAC assistance in your new home, give Heat Relief a call! We will make sure it’s up and running in no time!

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