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Order New Heating or Cooling Equipment NOW!

Happy 2021! A new year and a fresh start are upon us. In January, when things can get downright frigid outside, it is important to keep your home warm, especially this winter, when sheltering at home is still the norm.

Baby, it’s cold out there

Spending more time inside probably means setting the thermostat a bit higher to ensure your family’s comfort. Although it’s important to keep a cozy home, it may also result in your HVAC system working overtime. January is typically when we receive a higher than usual number of emergency service calls. Our priority at Heat Relief Heating & Air Conditioning in these cold months is to respond to our customers ASAP, but there are assessments homeowners can make before picking up the phone for emergency heating repair service.

What to look for

First, it’s ideal to call the professionals at Heat Relief before your possible equipment failure turns into an emergency. Look for the following indicators that your heating system needs some TLC:

  • Inconsistent temperature from room to room
  • Weird noises or unusual sounds
  • Increased dust levels
  • Improperly working thermostat
  • Higher than usual electricity or gas bills
  • Unexplained similar family health issues (which may be a concern for carbon monoxide poisoning)

Get Help from an HVAC Pro in Portland

If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to give us a call at (503) 877-1713. Because of higher call volumes in January and an increased number of emergency service calls and furnace repairs, we sometimes experience equipment shortages. That’s why we encourage customers to order now any equipment they might need to finish out the winter months. You can find Heat Relief coupons on our website for whole heating and cooling systems as well as programmable thermostats and air purifiers, all of which can help keep your family comfortable this season.

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