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Reduce Water Heater Costs

Water Heater Costs

Don’t take a cold shower… or spend lots of money! These steps will not only save you cash – but water, too.

Don’t take baths

Of course, baths are always nice, but if you want to save money, stick to a short shower. If you can, turn off the water while you shave or shampoo!

Reuse the water

While the water is heating up for your shower, keep a bucket nearby. You can use it to catch the extra water for your plants… or even wash your dishes!

Lower your water heater temperature

Turn your water heater to 120F. For every 10F you go down, you can save up to 5% on your water heating bill.

Get more out of your dishwasher

Water waste happens in your kitchen, too. The next time you do dishes, don’t wash small loads. If you’re trying to save on your next water heating bill, pack your dishwasher with dishes and use a shorter wash cycle.

Use more cold water for laundry

This one is simple. If you are trying to cut down on your water heating bill, use less hot water! Cold water also saves your clothes.

Drain debris out of your water heater

Water heaters can naturally build up debris inside the tank which can affect how well it runs. You can hire a technician to flush and fill your water heater. From there, they’ll be able to drain the tank or see if other maintenance is needed.

Put a jacket on your water heater!

Well, not exactly a jacket, but Heat Relief can install special insulation that keeps heat inside the tank. It will save you warm water and money.

If you are still looking for ways to save money, Heat Relief will be able to help you. Schedule service with us today!

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