Refreshing Your Home with Ultraviolet Light

Refreshing Your Home with Ultraviolet Light

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We all want to breathe a little better, especially when Americans are now spending 90 percent of their time indoors. Who know what all you could be ingesting when your air conditioner kicks on. That’s where using ultraviolet light (UV light) comes in handy. Adding this small addition to your air conditioner can assist in healthier breathing and more energy savings.

Ultraviolet Light Use for Your Health

One of the first documented uses of UV light and personal health was in 1903 when Niels Finson won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. He used UV light to treat tuberculosis. This then led to the adaptation of UV light use in hospitals to sterilize equipment and water. So it makes sense to incorporate it into our Portland homes to help eliminate the amount of indoor air pollution.

How does UV Light Work with my A/C?

Because air conditioning units are meant to cool your home, they are cold and damp due to the normal condensation that occurs. This makes it a perfect breeding ground for growing mold and mildew over years of use. Mold can grow on the coil, and when the air system starts to work the spores can then be spewed throughout your home, causing unhealthy and unpleasantly smelling air.

Heat Relief uses state-of-the-art products designed to reduce odors and air pollutants, protecting your home from particulates, microbial pollutants and gases. Powerful ultraviolet energy will kill off any mold in the line of sight of the bulb, thus keeping the coil mold free, when installed in your air conditioning unit.

The UV lamp is designed to kill the mold by breaking down its DNA. A study featured in Applied and Environmental Microbiology showed the levels of fungi found growing on insulation within air conditioning units in an office building were drastically reduced compared to units in the same building that did not have a UV light installed.

So how can you have this installed to help your family stay healthy? Contact the experts at Heat Relief, and we can install one of our UV lights to help clean your air conditioning system. Less mold on the coils means less work for your system, which equals energy savings for you. You will breathe in the benefits of the new light quickly—less than an hour after installation, the air pollution in your home is reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Most lights run at all times and are easy to replace by a technician.

If you have more questions about how an ultraviolet light can help keep your home and family healthy, call Heat Relief today to discuss your options for better breathing.


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