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The Value of an A/C Tune-Up

Air Conditioner Repair

Spring weather is coming soon, and that means it’s time for an A/C tune-up. Before you have to turn up the “volume” on your air conditioning to combat the warmer Portland summer temperatures, tune-up your system with Heat Relief Heating & Cooling to help prevent future breakdowns. We all know that things sound better in tune, so let us help keep your family comfortable with a precision tune-up today!

Prevent Repair Calls

Regular maintenance may seem like a hassle sometimes, but we bet you’ll change your tune when you hear this statistic: After reviewing service records, we found that over 53% of all A/C repair calls could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Discovering this number has helped our customers realize the huge impact that scheduled maintenance can have to help your HVAC unit run much more smoothly for years to come.

Improve Efficiency

Even typical use of your air conditioner can cause wear and tear on your machine, because of dust and dirt from the air in your home. You’ll be singing a new tune once Heat Relief has completed your A/C tune-up and has your system running at top performance!

Save Time and Money

Our precision tune-up and safety inspection will only take about an hour of your time to perform all 19 individual operations on your air conditioner. Some of the maintenance tasks in this bundle include:

  • Checking the condenser motor for proper amperage draw
  • Inspecting the indoor coil and condenser coil
  • Testing the capacitors and contactors
  • Leveling the thermostat
  • Plus 15 more vital maintenance tasks!

Finding one hour for a tune-up now is much easier than trying to fit an emergency repair into your busy schedule later this summer. Plus, a Heat Relief tune-up only costs $159 … much lower than many A/C repair bills!

Enjoy Our Guarantees

You can also whistle a happy tune knowing that a Heat Relief tune-up qualifies for our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If there is a breakdown after your safety inspection and tune-up is completed, then we will refund the entire amount of the tune-up or you can have it credited toward any necessary repair.

Heat Relief is prepared to get your HVAC system and your home in tune for the warm weather coming soon. You can schedule your tune-up online or via phone at (503) 877-1713.

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