Try This Different Air Conditioning System - Ductless Mini Split AC

Try This Different Air Conditioning System

ductless air conditioner

There’s more than one way to cool your home, and it’s not with a traditional window unit or central air conditioning. Ductless split systems cool individual rooms in your home and give you the freedom and flexibility to control a single room’s temperature.

So, how do they work?

There are two units: outdoor and indoor. The outdoor unit is placed on a wall outside of the room you are wanting to cool. It stores a condenser coil and compressor. The indoor is installed inside the room you’re cooling and contains an air filter, cooling coil and blower. The indoor unit also comes with a remote to conveniently control the temperature of the room.

Why use a ductless split system unit?

You save money and energy! Ductless split systems are for rooms that are used occasionally like a guest room or an attic. Since the system is used sparingly in one room, it will save you more money and energy because of its high efficiency and usage.

Reduce Allergens

 Split system units reduce allergens and germs in the air through a filtration system – helping you breathe healthier air while making odors disappear.

How are split systems different from other air conditioning units?

The great thing about split systems is that installation is minimal. The systems use tubing and electrical wires compared to central air conditioning that requires air duct systems – which means more energy use and money out of your pocket.

Other benefits

If you are looking to cool more than one room – no problem! A Heat Relief technician can install multiple indoor units that connect to one outdoor unit. This helps cool multiple rooms or a larger room at once. Although split systems can be more expensive compared to other traditional units, they save homeowners money in the long run.

Heat Relief offers these simple, yet unique systems online. If you are interested in installing a split system in your Portland area home, schedule an appointment with us today. We will help you pick the best system for your home and wallet.

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