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Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring into Action with a Clean HVAC System

Don’t let spring sneak up on you without getting your home ready for the shift in seasons! Spring means a continual back-and-forth between heating and cooling our homes. Learn about Heat Relief’s guaranteed yearly maintenance program.

Order New Heating or Cooling Equipment NOW!

It may be a new year, but pandemic restrictions are still keeping most people inside their homes. Check your heating unit for indicators that it might need a repair or replacement before it becomes an emergency.

HVAC System during a Winter Storm

How to Prep Your HVAC System for a Winter Storm

We’re headed toward winter here in the northwest, which means there’s always the potential for a winter storm. Read on to find tips to best prepare yourself and your family for this potential threat.

House energy

Assessing the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

You may know you can save money by purchasing appliances with a high ENERGY STAR® rating. You may also know to stay on top of routine maintenance to ensure appliances are running efficiently. But do you know how to assess the energy efficiency of your home? Here we explain two ways, and how Heat Relief can help.

Old HVAC System

Replacing Your Old HVAC System? The Eco-friendly Benefits of Recycling It

HVAC systems are designed to last years, but yours will inevitably need to be replaced at some point. When that time comes, Heat Relief will not only provide you with the best price, service, and guarantees in the Portland area, but we’ll also take care of responsibly recycling your old system.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

In the mid-summer heat, it is imperative that your air conditioner is running in top shape. But what do you do when the system keeping your home cool freezes over? Here are some causes and solutions to your frozen air conditioner.

Why is My A/C Blowing Hot Air?

Summer is not the time you want to have an issue with your air conditioner, especially blowing hot air into your home! Let Heat Relief Heating & Cooling help identify and fix your A/C issues!

ductless mini-split system

Is a Mini-Split the Best Option for Your Space?

Does your Portland area home have unused spaces or a new home addition that needs better temperature control? Heat Relief Heating & Cooling wants to help you maximize your HVAC for your home this summer with a ductless mini-split system.

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